Carpet Flooring

When your home is carpeted it feels like your whole world is a place of bare-foot comfort. It’s perfect for any room, except wet ones, where you want a warm, relaxing, comforting environment; bedrooms, family rooms and children’s rooms.

Apart from keeping your feet warm on cold winter mornings, carpeting also insulates the room, keeping the warmth inside. You’re unlikely to slip on a carpet. But if you do have a fall, the carpet acts like a cushion keeping injuries to a minimum, which is great if you have kids who can now use the whole floor as a play area.

Carpets are also quieter than any other type of flooring, absorbing the impact of foot traffic, soaking up room sounds like a sponge and blocking sound between floors, which is perfect for apartment dwelling.

Whatever your preference, whether hard-wearing and stain-resistant for a busy family with children or a soft underfoot, we have the perfect carpet for your home.